Makeup Lesson : Good Skin Versus Makeup

Who says who can or cannot put on makeup? Feeling a bit drab with your flawless skin? Time to get creative!

There are those who will say that good skin requires no makeup. After all, what is there to conceal when your face is already flawless? While there is no arguing that going au naturel has its own appeal, it may not be appropriate at all times.

Even a good skin needs makeup

Can you really imagine going to a formal evening occasion barefaced? If there is photography involved, how exactly will your pale cheeks and even paler lips look when lighting hits it to be captured for all eternity? You see, women eventually get to realize that they have a natural “angle,” that side where you know you’ll naturally look good. You know this side. You’ve turned this way and that in the mirror observing this part of your face, and have decided that it’s at this front that you look best.

At some point, you’re going to acknowledge that all of us have a natural angle, and would naturally want to project it, especially on days when we’re having bad anything (hair, clothes, weight) days. Makeup helps us in projecting and highlighting our best sides, flawless skin or not. Heck, even supermodels have acknowledged that they have good and bad angles, and have maximized it for their profession. Why shouldn’t we adapt a bit of optimism ourselves? To presuppose that makeup is just there to conceal our flaws would be downright narrow-minded, and this is not even mentioning the fact that you are missing out a lot on jazzing yourself up and being creative with your looks.

Makeup is such a diverse world. It’s a culture all on its own. Before you venture into it, though, you must set your sights on what exactly you’ll be doing with its products.

Do you want to make yourself over?
Have you been feeling bored with your looks and want a variation?
Do you want your overall look to complement your outfits and reflect your moods?
Are there skin imperfections that you want to conceal?
Are you just plain curious about how makeup would look on you?

Good news! All of these probable goals can be met by experimenting with makeup. Welcome to a fun world, where there are very basic rules – most of which can be broken, reinvented, and redefined in the name of personal artistry! With the latest crops of makeup artists and even more makeup products, almost every look you might want to go for is doable, and you’re going to have a very enjoyable time attempting to do so.

Here’s where good skin comes in. If you are the wake-up-and-dash-out-the-door type, spending a lot of time concealing those blemishes will add a lot to your makeup routine. Before venturing into makeup, try to consult a dermatologist first so that you can deal with any “emergency” situations. If you’re in a rush, however, there are many hypoallergenic products out there. And soon, enter stage left – your new best friend – the concealer!

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