Makeup Lesson: Setting Your Priorities

Approach your makeup purchases as you would any other product: research, look around, canvass, and be practical!

Once prompted and prodded in the right direction, women who’ve somehow gotten excited over makeup tend to get too excited. There are still the practicalities to think about. And before you start scowling at getting all worked up then being asked to slow down, planning your makeup kit before rushing in and buying everything that looks too nice to pass up will save you a lot of money and disappointment. As with everything else, canvass. Not just from mall stores, but also online ones. Great deals are out there if only you’d look for it.

And not only that – make sure that you do a skin test for the brands that you’re eyeing. It just wouldn’t do for you to buy their entire line only to find out that you’ll break out into rashes within minutes of applying their products on. Go to the makeup counters, and apply a bit of what you plan to purchase on the inside of your wrist, or the inner part of your upper arm, or on the underside of your jaw. These are sensitive areas. If ever you would expect to see some reaction, it would be from these locations. Wait twenty-four hours before you decide to purchase.

The tools:

Before you buy the products, make sure you have the tools used to apply them on your skin. A great makeup brush set will come a long, long way. These, oftentimes, will consist of a foundation brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, a concealer brush, a lip color applicator, three sizes of eye color brush (one for the brows, one for the lids, and one for contouring), a brow brush (one that comes with a comb) and a mascara wand. At first, you’ll be overwhelmed at the sheer number of brushes, but as you learn to apply makeup and start experimenting, you’ll appreciate the precision and accuracy by which you can wield these tools. This brush set need not be expensive. Just opt for the ones made of sable or sturdy synthetic materials. Examine the handles well. Are they easy to grip? Will they still look good after several washings? Opt for a set with black or white handles. These ones age well, and will not show too much wear and tear through the years, with proper care.

Drugstore or designer brands?

Be honest about your budget. Would you really want to blow away one makeup set’s worth of money just to be able to purchase a high-end designer-brand makeup palette that you couldn’t wait to show off but would leave you with no room to experiment? Opt for a good drugstore brand as a start. The reason why testing is recommended is so that you can see for yourself (well, beyond the no-allergies test) how long the product can stay on your skin without fading after being exposed to wind, sun, and perspiration.

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