Makeup Lesson : The Foundation of Good Mak

There’s no going about it the quick way. If you want a great made-up face, you’ve got to start at the base.

Granted that you have made your makeup purchases with your skin tone and desired look in mind, you should not have any trouble going through with the makeup application. There are many ways to do it. However, I will be sharing a routine that is commonly done, simply because it would be easier to add or subtract, even tweak, your own elements into it.

We start with the base – which is the application of foundation. There are those who protest that having good skin can eliminate the need to apply foundation. That is all well and good – but if you plan to put on blush and eye color, even contour your face, I must warn you that it won’t glide on as smoothly without foundation. There is a reason why it’s called a base. And need I remind you what can happen to various products on the face when you start sweating or getting whipped about in the wind? A good foundation – and it doesn’t even have to be a heavy application, could even be a more long-lasting pressed powder – blends everything in and helps hold everything in place long after you’ve finished with your makeup application.

Before beginning, make sure that the shade you have exactly matches you skin. If not, you can mix two shades to get the exact shade you want. This is easier done with liquid foundation. Have a plastic makeup palette and small makeup spatula on hand for this. To save time, ask the makeup consultant in the makeup counter what shades you can mix, so that you won’t be experimenting too much when you’re on your own. Better let the consultant know as well if you are acidic (somehow, the face powder that’s supposedly in your shade turns dark minutes after you apply it) so that she can give you (or mix for you) a shade that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone.

To start, have your cake, cream, or liquid foundation at hand, as well as the necessary tools – sponges, wedges, or liquid foundation brush – needed to apply it. As a rule, get only a small amount of product. It would be better to add on as needed rather than attempt to smudge a fraction of the product off when you realize you have overestimated. Start applying over the forehead, then the eyes, under the eyes, the cheeks, the chin area, and then the undersides of the jaw and around the neckline. It simply won’t look good if your face is a different color than your neck, after all.

Whether through the use of a sponge or brush, apply in gentle, light, circular motions. This will settle in the product well, and will ensure that you cover all the areas. While you may later on apply the other makeup products in rapid succession, make sure that you take your time in applying foundation. Do not rush, and make sure that you are making an even application.

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