Makeup Lesson : The Must Have Prod

Too many products whirling around your head? Let’s break it down to the basics.

Versatility is one of the key features of today’s makeup products. You want a certain look, you can definitely have it. From the no-makeup makeup to the seductive siren to the glam-fab looks of today’s magazine covers, there’s a look that’s bound to suit everyone’s skin type, tone, face shape, and personal preference.

Flip through some magazines and look for certain looks that you like. Gone are the days when this and that color are only “suited” to certain skin types. If you find a look that you think will suit you, and you find that you’ll be comfortable with it, by all means – go for it. Just like trying on clothes at the mall, you’ll never really know what you’ll feel comfortable in until you’ve tried it on. Don’t hesitate to go over to the makeup counters. There’s a wide array of products to choose from, and trying them on are free!

Foundation – comes in a wide range of shades and also comes in powder, liquid, and cream form. Used as a base, and one of the first products you apply, foundation evens out the skin and covers the less challenging blemishes. Can be applied using a liquid foundation brush or a makeup sponge.

Concealer – Usually comes in liquid or cream form. This product is marvelous in covering those pesky blemishes and making them blend with your natural skin tone. There are specific concealers which can be used to hide eye bags and uneven skin tone around the area. Works with a concealer brush, especially for spot applications.

Eye shadows and pencils – Used to put color on and/or around the eye area. Brighter ones help to illuminate and lighten, while darker ones contour and bring focus to certain parts of the eye, even bring out its color beautifully. Comes in power, liquid, pencil, and cream form, and can be applied several ways.

Blush – A product that comes in varying shades of pinks, reds, and oranges. Can be used on the hollows or apples of the cheeks and gives definition to the cheekbones and side of the face. This product can bring out a more angular look, or can merely be used to put a spot of “healthy” glow to a normally pale face.

Mascara – Applied on the upper and/or bottom lashes of the eyes. This product, when used properly, elongates and thickens the strands of hair so that they frame and accentuate the eyes nicely. A wide range of mascara types are out in the market, some more basic than others, others which can “volumize” and “lengthen” the lashes. It comes in liquid form, in a variety of colors.

Lipstick and lip liners – Gives color to the lips, whether to emphasize the contours or to curb the shape into a thinner appearance. The lipstick and lip liners work in great tandem to highlight your lips into how you want it to look for every given occasion.

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