Dirty hands of docs, nurses act as germ superspreaders


Doctors and nurses who don’t wash their hands act as “superspreaders” of swine flu and other germs, a new research said.

Researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, found that “the dirty hands of doctors and nurses act as germ superspreaders and cause more infections.”

The scientists led by Didier Guillemot created a mathematical model of a hypothetical intensive care unit (ICU) and they found that staff, who saw all patients briefly, were better at spreading germs than those who tended a few patients very closely.

If just one of the former always failed to wash their hands, it caused more infections than if the entire staff forgot one-quarter of the time, journal ‘New Scientist’ said.

Hospitals use the consumption of hand-hygiene products to monitor hand-washing, says team member Laura Temime of the National Conservatory of Arts and Trades in Paris.

“Our study suggests individual surveillance of hand hygiene would be better,” Temime added.

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