Laugh heartily for good health

As a therapy has been hailed for long and SUKANYA CHELLAPPA can no longer hold herself from it

I was amused at myself for choosing “laughter meditation” as this week’s workout. Along with the students of Srimad Andavan Arts and Science College, I hit the campus hoping to ring out my frustration and clang in the much needed perkiness with this quaint therapy.

Yoga instructor P.Vijay Kumar took off with a brief on initiating laughter as a therapy and meditation. The simple philosophy behind it is that when one learns to laugh without being dependent on a stack of reasons, he or she could well be assured of a blissful life.

Since the therapy is not premised on any reason, it does not jostle one into a world of storms arising from disappointment, failure or frustration.

“It was started by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Worldwide Laughter Yoga, with the aim to take it up as a movement,” shares Mr.Kumar while citing the benefits of laughing.

In present times when life has become complex and stressful, laughter as meditation is highly therapeutic. It soothes an individual and is a universal language that transcends all boundaries and barriers. It creates a positive eco-system not only outside but also within as the health benefits are immense.

It is said that 40 per cent of heart ailments can be prevented with laughter therapy. When one laughs, it encourages deep breathing and detoxifies the body because with each deep breath, the stale oxygen from one’s lungs comes out.

Laughter is also known to reduce body pain and mental stress. It is rejuvenating and gives one a sense of well-being.

After the talk, I merged with the students at the ground. The cacophonic crowd was soon drawn into rapt attention as Mr. Vijay Kumar took centre stage explaining how laughter was the secret to good health.

He asked all the students to lift their hands up and laugh continually for no rhyme or reason. I admit, I was a trifle conscious in doing so and became uptight. But I heard students all around bursting out laughing and guffawing as the instructor goaded them on to laugh.

My initial reluctance to join the group soon ebbed away as I too got into the groove, enjoying the session. I got so deeply engrossed that a fellow student had to remind me that the session was winding up. Now, it was my turn to laugh at myself!

Initial embarrassment to ultimate enjoyment, the experience was enriching enough and I would surely recommend such a session to all. Leave behind your mundane worries and go for it.

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