Tasty Ayurvedic delights

Gourmets groan when asked to switch to a health diet as it usually means giving up yummy, tasty stuff for bland food. But not anymore. Ayurveda teaches that you can be healthy even while indulging your taste buds. You can make mouth-watering dishes that are nutritious and healthy too. Most health problems are caused by an improper diet. In Ayurveda every food has its own taste (rasa), a heating or cooling energy (virya) and a digestive consequence (vikapa). You upset your system if you combine foods of different nature such as fruits with milk. Ayurveda teaches a rational way to prepare food keeping in mind the dietary need of the individual based on his or her body type and prakurti (body constitution of vata, pitta and kapha).

The focus of Ayurveda cooking is healing, prevention and health care. Food prepared in Ayurveda style also reduces stress and helps cure heart ailments, diabetes and asthma. Cloves ease toothache, fennel with dry coriander reduces acidity, ginger shoos away the cold and turmeric has antioxidant properties.

Avoid using aluminum pots and non-stick cookware because of their carcinogenic properties. Use brass, stone, wooden and stainless steel cookware. What’s more, you can take your pick from Indian, Chinese, Continental and Thai cuisines too.

The writer teaches Art of Living’s Ayurveda Cooking Course.

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