Nightmare at Osmania varsity

Police used brute force, fired rubber bullets and lobbed tear gas shells, injuring at least 20 students and five journalists on the Osmania University campus here on Sunday.

The campus, which had been peaceful for the last few weeks, turned into a war zone within minutes with students and the police fighting pitched battles till late in the night.

Trouble broke out at 6.30 pm when students took out a rally from E1 Hostel to B Hostel on the campus in support of Telangana MLAs who had submitted resignations to the Speaker earlier in the day and demanded that police posts on the campus be removed.

The police then canecharged mediapersons telecasting the rally and later turned their ire on the students. The police first tried to stop the students from taking out the rally.

The protestors who remained firm first ran helter-skelter when the police used force. Later they regrouped and began hurling stones at the cops.

The police did not spare even a group of girl students who rushed to the rescue of a few injured students lying on the ground.

A policeman beat a political science student, Naga Mani, with the butt of his rifle, injuring her on the neck and shoulder. The girl fell down writhing in pain. Some students took her to a hospital on a motorcycle.

The police, it appeared, deliberately targeted mediapersons, obviously to drive them away from the campus. When the police brutally manhandled mediapersons even senior officers did not try to prevent the cops. Many of the mediapersons were seen lying on the ground writhing in pain as top police officials present on the scene turned a blind eye.

There were also allegations that the police did not even allow ambulances to the campus. The police also destroyed cameras of the mediapersons and cut cables of the OB vans which all showed that they were intent on preventing the media from broadcasting their brutality.

As the police continued firing rubber bullets, a group of students ran into nearby Manikeshwar Nagar but the police beat them up. A few day scholars came to the spot and set the police outpost afire.

Later, the police sealed the campus and deployed more force there. Power supply to Manikeswarnagar was also snapped.


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