Changing face of Facebook

Facebook is like a woman – the moment you figure it out, it changes. A sexist joke, no doubt, but one that’s gaining popularity thanks to the revamp of the social networking site on February 5.

Although Jing Chen of Facebook has stated that the change is in a bid to ‘improve navigation to and discovery of commonly used features’on Facebook, the users are unhappy.

Reason: The moment they start getting used to a layout, Facebook changes it.

Proof: The group ‘Change Facebook back to normal!’ has amassed 1,948,845 members, while ‘We Hate The New Facebook, so Stop Changing It!’ has 1,668,542 members.

Netizens are vocal in their disapproval. “Why not leave a good thing alone?” questions Michele Ritchie on one such group. “One day it’s fine, and then the next day it changes! Then it changes again (and again)!” posts Shruti Gupta on the site.

Abhilekh Sharma, who feels the new layout ‘sucks’, says, “If anything requires a “dislike” button, it’s this new navigation page.” “With Google taking on Facebook with Google Buzz, such decisions will just be disastrous for FB,” reasons Priya Sharma, a blogger. Guess it’s high time Facebook stops taking the saying, ‘Change is the only constant’, too seriously.


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