HM-Sabita “shunted out” by students

Hyderabad,February 16 :Telangana agitation has gone into the hands of students that is one of the reasons that MLAS are reluctant to resign as they know for sure that they will not be elected again as students are controlling the T-agitation.Home minister Sabita Indra Reddy visiting the recuperating students in Durga Bai Deskhmukh Hospital was caught unawares when the injuredgirl students cornered her and held her responsible for their plight.
The students are so angry with T-politicians that a day will come when a new breed of students politicians will crop up to lead this agitation.
D Swapna, pursuing MA (Telugu) while questioning her visit lamented, “Why did you come here? It was you who made the police beat us yesterday and today you come to enquire about our health? Being the home minister, you should take responsibility for the police action.” Swapna was hit by a rubber bullet on her leg.

When the home minister tried to pacify her, another student demanded her resignation. “You are a woman, but failed to secure our rights. You resign and only then come to see our condition,” said Sri Vani, who is pursuing MA (Political Science). Vani, an asthma patient, was suffocated when police fired tear gas during the violence on campus on Sunday night. She had fainted and her condition stabilised only on Monday.

Cornered by the barrage of questions, the home minister spirited away from the hospital within minutes without visiting the other students as the police have warned them that Tpolitician will be assulted by the students..

Angry with the high-handed stand of the police, female students still recovering from the shock said that they were subjected to physical abuse by the policemen.

“We were protesting peacefully. But the policemen, using filthy language, pulled our hair and kicked us. They fired tear gas shells and we had to run helter skelter in the night. Some of our friends injured themselves in the melee,” said Varalakshmi, one of the victims who resides in the women’s hostel on the campus.

Since Sunday night, 22 OU students sought treatment at Durga Bai Deshmukh Hospital of which 15 were admitted.

Hospital superintendent Dr Y S N Murthy said, “Of the 15 students admitted, five have now been discharged and the rest are stable. They were treated for minor injuries.


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