Shorter summer break this year


Schools across the Capital will be closed during the Commonwealth Games (CWG).

The decision, announced by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Monday, directs all institutions to extend the autumn break and declare holiday from October 1 to 17. And to make up for lost time, the summer vacation has been reduced from 61 to 49 days.

“There is a substantial participation of students in the Games ceremony. We do not want such children to be affected,” said State Education Secretary Rakesh Mohan.

The move is also aimed at easing traffic during the Games.

“We were prepared for this. Our tentative calendar for the new session shows a shorter summer vacation and an extended autumn break,” said LV Sehgal, principal, Bal Bharati Public School.

Institutions in the National Capital Region may not follow the lead of Delhi schools, as they are not under the purview of the Delhi government.

Autumn break has been extended by eight days and will be from Oct 1-17

Summer vacation has been reduced from 61 to 49 days

The govt does not want students participating in the Games ceremony to be affected


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