UN condemns threats to Nepal media

Khatmandu, February 16: The United Nations on Tuesday condemned threats made to journalists in Nepal over their coverage of the murder of a prominent media tycoon.

Newspaper editors in Nepal have said they received anonymous telephone calls and emails warning them against reporting the killing of Jamim Shah, who was gunned down in Kathmandu this month.

“These threats send a chill through the entire community and are condemned,” said Richard Bennett, representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal.

“Unfortunately, violence against the media is not rare in Nepal.

“I urge state authorities to ensure a secure environment that facilitates full enjoyment of rights of freedom of expression as guaranteed by national and international human rights laws.”

Shah, 47, owned Nepal’s first cable television company and had been accused of having links to the South Asian underworld, including the most wanted man in India, organised crime kingpin Dawood Ibrahim.

He had always denied the allegations.

Nepalese police said late Monday they had arrested a police officer on suspicion of involvement in planning the killing. No other arrests have been made.


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