New sub-machinegun can pierce bullet-proof jackets

India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) says it has developed a modern sub-machinegun (SMG) that will be extremely useful in anti-terror operations as its ammunition is capable of piercing bullet-proof jackets.

“The SMG is 100 per cent indigenous and specially designed to fight against militants in close combat. Its ammunition can pierce through bullet-proof jackets,” said a DRDO official at the DefExpo 2010 land and naval systems exhibition here.

“The weapon incorporates a laser sight and has an effective range of 200 metres,” the official added.

“It is very light in weight and can be used as a single and multiple shot weapon,” the official said, adding that in rapid mode, it can fire 700 rounds per minute.

The SMG, which is currently undergoing field trials that are expected to be completed between April and June, is the third element of the 5.56 mm INSAS (Indian Small Arms System) family that DRDO has developed. The other two are an assault rifle and a carbine variant.

The DRDO SMG’s closest competitor is the Israeli Tavour assault rifle that is already in use with the Indian Army’s Special Forces.

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