Muslims, Christians Fight Gay Marriage in Kenya

Nairobi, February 19: Muslim and Christian residents of Mtwapa, a district in the outskirts of the port city of Mombassa, recently joined hands in disrupting a planned nuptial involving two local tribesmen on the ground of being completely an alien practice in their largely conservative community.

“It is just something that we used to hear about and it never occurred to the back of my mind that it will happen here in Africa,” Mustapha Said, a Muslim resident.

Two men had wanted to make their wedding ceremony public but in vain.

Local Muslim and Christian communities who reside in the small coastal town went on rampage to disrupt the ceremony.

The two men, whose identities have not been revealed, were taken into custody after the controversial incident.

“We are really worried for our future and we don’t want Africa to embrace an alien practice like homosexuality,” said Maymuna Salim, a 26-year-old Muslim woman.

The faltered gay wedding ceremony would have been the first public same-sex marriage in the East African country.

Homosexuality is legally prohibited in Kenya and statutes which date back to the colonial period provide for prison sentence of up to 14 years.

Africa has put a strong resistance for same-sex marriages on grounds of religion, belief and conscience.

In 2006, South Africa became the first in Africa, and fifth in the world, to legalize same-sex marriage.

But defiant Africa remains one of the most homophobic places in the world.

Mrs. Salma Juma, 27, insisted that same-sex marriage was against the nature of man.

“God has created men to provide sexual pleasure to women, what we are seeing is a complete diversion from decency,” she maintained.

“If men start marrying themselves who will marry the daughters of our land?”

The controversial gay marriage plan has created some religious unity.

“That can never be practiced in our society,” insists John Njuguna, a 39-year-old Christian, told.

“What we are telling the westerners who are propagating immorality in our land is to respect our diversity of culture.


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