Quitting smoking to be easy by nicotine-free cigarettes

London, February 19: A small study has hinted that so called nicotine free cigarettes will help smokers to quit cigarettes. These cigarettes actually have a tiny amount of nicotine authors have reported in the journal that Addicted Smokers who used the nicotine-free cigarettes before quitting likely not to be smoking six weeks later as those who used nicotine ones.

Dr Dorothy K Hatsukami, at the University of Minnesota Tobacco informed that the cigarettes that were free from Nicotine and the lozenges successfully beat low-nicotine cigarettes.

Nicotine-free cigarettes carry 0.05 milligrams of nicotine per cigarette, while low-nicotine cigarettes have 0.3 milligrams each. The idea of nicotine-free cigarettes is to make that much less likely, because it would take so many such cigarettes.

Scientists have already tried a number of ways to reduce the amount of nicotine that smokers take in. They have been concerned that smokers may just smoke more cigarettes to make up for the missed dose .Piney associates have consulted for GlaxoSmithKline, which has a smoking control division. Study team members have served as expert witnesses in lawsuits against tobacco companies. They have also consulted for various drug companies.


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