World’s laziest country?

Washington, February 19: Americans may be winning more medals at the Winter Olympics than any other country, but they also take the top prize when it comes to being the laziest people on the planet, according to a new survey.

The US ranked No. 1 — out of 24 developed countries — as determined by statistics that took into consideration daily calorie intake, TV viewing habits, percentage of the population that plays sports and Internet usage.

Out of those four categories, the US was first in calories and watching the most TV –enough for the top spot on the podium at the “Couch Potato Olympics” as determined by The Daily Beast.

The results were posted today on The Daily Beast’s Web site.

In second place was our neighbor to the north, Canada, who also happens to be playing host to the Winter Olympics this year.

The Canadians took the silver after leading the planet in Internet usage.

Taking the bronze was Belgium, a nation known for its waffles, beer and pomme frittes, while Turkey finished out of medal contention after finishing fourth overall.

Despite that fourth-place finish, the soccer-loving Turks finished No. 1 overall when it came to actually playing sports.

The nation to come in last in The Daily Beast’s survey was Switzerland since they spend the least amount of time in front of the TV of all the 24 countries on the list.

Here are the top five laziest counties:

1. US
2. Canada
3. Belgium
4. Turkey
5. Great Britain

Courtesy: The Daily Beast


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