KG basin cooking gas to cost Rs 280/month

Piped cooking gas from the KG basin will be supplied to Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Kakinada by September this year. The price will be Rs 280 per month which is contrary to the earlier claims of the state government that it would cost just Rs 150.

Currently, consumers in the state are paying Rs 304 for a domestic LPG cylinder.

The minister for technical education, Mr M. Venkata Ramana Rao, made a statement to this effect in the Legislative Council on Friday which led to an uproar with some members strongly opposing the high price fixed for piped gas.

Some members alleged that the government was deliberately favouring Reliance Industries at the cost of common people.

The MLC, Dr Nageshwar, said Reliance Industries had claimed that the price would be one-third that of the LPG cylinder.

“Reliance even submitted a proposal to the government that it was ready to supply piped gas for Rs 150. This was announced by the then chief minister, Dr Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy. Now the government says it will be around Rs 280. What difference it is going to make to a common consumer who opts for piped gas when he is already paying Rs 304 for a cylinder,” said Dr Nageshwar.

He demanded that the government should have the final say on fixing the price as the natural resources in the KG basin belong to all citizens of the state.

Mr Ramana Rao said that the price was fixed by the Centre’s Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board and it is not proper to blame the state government for this.

“We have no control over price fixation. However, we will take up the issue with the Centre,” he said.

He added that about 31,000 piped-gas connections will be given in Hyderabad initially.

“The idea is to cover 2,60,000 houses in five years. In Vijayawada, we plan to give 1,00,000 connections,” he said.


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