This village is known for twins


According to a popular belief, married couples who drink water from Doddigunta village well in East Godavari district are blessed with twins


TWO MUCH: Twins assemble on the outskirts of Amalapuram on the eve of World Twins Day, on Sunday.

Rangampeta/Konaseema: There are two different places in East Godavari district which are known for their population of twins.

Doddigunta village in Rangampeta mandal of East Godavari district which is referred to as the ‘village of twins’ is popular for its legacy of twins. According to a popular belief, married couples who drink water from the village well are blessed with twins. “This is not a blind belief. Recently a teacher of this village got married to a lady teacher of Kakinada and they were blessed with twins. In another incident a security officer of a largest circulated Telugu daily was also blessed with twins,” said Vedulla Srinivas, a writer of Rangampeta village.

The water was tested by the Ground Water Department on several occasions and also sent to laboratories in Vizag and Hyderabad but the exact reasons were not established till date. At present there are 30 twins in the village.

On Sunday twins from various villages in Konaseema organised a get-together to mark the World Twins Day which falls on Monday.

Bhamidipati Padmapriya-Krishnapriya are two such twins studying engineering first year in the same college. Likewise, Pottupotu Ram-Laxman dress and behave similarly and are now looking to marry twins.

Nine-year-old daughters of Archaka — Rameswarapu Ramya-Lavanya, are popular as twin dancers in Amalapuram. There are number of twins in Konaseema mandals like-Bandaru Ramatulasi-Lakshmitulasi of Vadapalem in Kothapeta Mandal, studying Inter 2nd year, P. Sandeep-Dileep of Bandarulanka in Amalapuram mandal, studying Inter first year, B. Swarna-B. Swetha of B.Tech first year from Razole, to name a few.


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