World’s costliest car key costs £200,000

Those who want to live the James Bond livestyle can now own a high-tech car key, costing little over 21,000 pounds.

 Dubbed the world’s most expensive car key, the recently launched lavish device is implanted inside a watch with a touch sensitive face which will open the door to an Aston Martin car, which ranges between $115,000 and $200,000.

 “If indulgent owners press the space between 8 and 9 o’clock the doors of the car will open, and if they press the opposite side they will lock.”

 “If you touch both sides together, the car’s lights will flash – to help you find it, or just impress your friends,” Sky News reported.

 The gadget developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre — one of the world’s most prestigious luxury watches manufacture in Switzerland — is not quite on a par with James Bond’s watches and their lasers, hooks and saws, but a lot of work has gone into its clever design, it said.

 According to the report, the engineers at Swiss firm had to reduce the size of the transponder, which sends the locking signal to the car, and then spent 18 months working out to install the internal mechanics of the watch around it.

 The device fits to be one of new instruments to be introduced in the next Bond movie, but interestingly the secret agent can’t have it because of his contract with Omega.

 But if you can afford an Aston Martin, then for a mere 21,850 pound you can own the luxury watch key.


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