46 OU girls hospitalised due to food-poisoning

Forty -six girl students of Osmania University (OU) were hospitalised due to food-poisoning late on Monday night, shortly after they had dinner at the girl’s hostel mess. The condition of one of them is said to be serious.

According to students, after having food at the mess many started complaining of stomach ache, nausea and giddiness.

They were rushed to the Fever Hospital and some of them had to be given oxygen in the ambulance itself. However, after medication, all the students are now in a stable condition except one, the hospital authorities said.

“Some students were admitted to the hospital around 12.30 a.m while some others were rushed in later. Most of them have recovered. One student, Sushma, was shifted to the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) after she complained of severe stomach ache,” doctors of Fever Hospital told Expresso.

The affected students, from Koti Women’s College and OU, blamed improperly cooked rice for the problem.

“We complained to the in-charge of the mess about the poor quality of food while having dinner itself around 8 p.m. Later, I got a stomach ache. Within minutes, my three room mates also had the same problem and they began vomiting,” S Padma, a student of MA (sociology), said.

Usage of contaminated water for preparation of food is learnt to have caused food-poisoning.

Osmania University Vice-Chancellor T Tirupathi Rao had to face the ire of students when he went to the hospital as they raised slogans against him.

Meanwhile, GHMC Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) along with the Assistant Medical Officer, Circle 8 and food inspectors inspected the ladies hostel mess and collected samples of rice, curries, tamarind, cooking oil, curd and drinking water and sent them for analysis to the State Food Laboratory at Nacharam.

The District Medical and Health Officer (DM&HO) has set up a medical camp at the hostel. The staff of the ladies hostel involved in preparing and serving the food were physically examined and educated on healthy practices and hygiene.


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