Brutality of police against humanity

Hyderabad, February 24: (Ghouse Khan Siasat News) Md.Feroze Khan a second year MCA student from Aurora College who volunteered himself to save the life of Yadaiah who sacrificed his life for the cause of Telangana has nothing to do with any crime.

His only sin is out of passion towards Telangana and with human consideration when police persons were scared and running to save their lives, Feroz khan daringly tried to prevent the fire from increasing and tried to save Yadaiah from getting burnt.

He is neither a friend of Yadaiah nor he is not aware who Yadaiah is, he has volunteered himself to serve a person whose life is grave danger.

After stopping the flames he helped the police to shift yadaiah into ambulance and accompanied him in the ambulance to the hospital.

When yadaiah requested Feroze Khan to be with him, Feroze though he belongs to different religion, with a human consideration stayed back in the hospital with Yadaiah. The messages given by Feroz to all speaks volumes how humane Feroze is.

He informed in phone to many that “Allah gave me an opportunity to serve yadagiri who tried to immolate for the cause of Telangana, by serving an unknown person, I am feeling proud that I am able to do some thing to Telangana”. This were the words spoken and messaged by Feroze Khan at around 11:45 pm from DRDO, Apollo hospital were Yadaiah was under going treatment.

Thereafter Feroze Khans where about were not known.

Task force police under the guising of recording his statement kidnapped him and kept in undisclosed place. When enquiries started about Feroz khans disappearance, the police threw him in a van, tied his mouths and hands and from 1pm on 21st to 1am on 22nd night moved him from one place to other place and threatened him saying that he would be implicated in many cases if he speaks truth to the public regard to Yadaiah’s incident.

Thereupon when a petition was moved by the friends of Feroze Khan, police produced him before the city criminal courts magistrate, lodging false cases against him under sections 147, 148, 149, 188 r/w 322 of the penal code and arrayed him as accused no 17 along with other OU students. The police implicated him falsely and violated his human rights by handcuffing him throwing him in a van and closing his mouth with clothes, just he tried to save a life and nursed and served a person who is in his deathbed.

The police want to deter the students and the innocent from helping and behaving in a humane nature.


One thought on “Brutality of police against humanity

  1. it is idiot thing of hyderabad police. and feroz stands as an example to serve whoever in need irrespective of religion or whatever. it is the duty of every citizen of nation to be of human concern.

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