Rail Budget: Passenger fares cut, no hike in freight tariff

Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday presented the Railway Budget 2010-11 in the Parliament, saying that her ministry has come out with ”Vision 2020” to modernise the railway network.

Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee presents the Union Rail Budget in the Parliament.

“I prefer social responsibility to economic responsibility, she said.

Banerjee said, the railways need to catch up with the advanced western nations, adding that the policy guidelines would be made easier and hassle-free.

Railways will not be privatized, she said, adding that in the next five years the whole country would be connected by rail.

Banerjee called on the India Inc to build partnership with the Railways.

The minister announced that the exams for the recruitment in Railway would be conducted in the regional languages as well, adding that English, Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages will be used for Railway entrance exams.

Banerjee said that we have kept our earlier promises and out of 120 trains that were proposed by our ministry, 107 trains were started on time.

She announced that six-bottling points would be set for manufacture of water that will be supplied, adding that the food that is provided to the passengers has also improved over the years.

Village panchayats, hospitals and court would have a e-ticket counter proposed Banerjee, adding that a railway counter would also be set up at the office of the District Magistrate.

Railway is all determined to ensure safety measures, she claimed adding that a ”chowkidaar” would be placed at every railway crossing in the next five years.

Cleanliness of the railway has improved over the years, claimed Banerjee adding that Rs 1302 crores would be spent for the safety of passengers.

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