Why SRK is upset?

Mumbai, February 24: Shah Rukh Khan is not a happy man these days.Fake merchandise of his cricket team’s official jersey is out in the market. They are selling like hot cakes as their price is around four times cheaper than the original.

A source says, “Shah Rukh teamed up with a big sports merchandise manufacturing brand and Manish Malhotra to design the official black and gold jersey for his team before the tournament kicked off. But one year into the league and it was found out that in some cities the fake team T-shirts were available.
By the end of the second season, the problem was rampant.”

The insider adds, “Every team wants their fans to buy the original team jersey and other merchandise. It is a great source of revenue. Shah Rukh might have broken even already in his business venture but nonetheless it was a loss as the fakes were selling at 4-5 times cheaper than the original. Though some fans couldn’t afford the high-priced original jerseys, they wanted to wear the team’s colour. So they settled for the fake ones.”

To counter this, Shah Rukh had decided to come out with another line that could be afforded by everyone. However, that plan has been put on hold for the time being. Irrespective of that industry analysts feel that’s the way forward for him to tackle counterfeiting.

An analyst says, “SRK is looking at a separate line which the players will sport off the field. Manish Malhotra will be in charge of the designs of the new t-shirts again.”

A few days ago, Shah Rukh had told After Hrs, “To tackle piracy, something like this is needed. Not everyone can buy the costly team jersey but I feel if there is a cheaper line of official t-shirts, piracy can definitely be curbed to a great extent.”


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