Highlights of Economic Survey 2009-10

Expectations of an economic recovery — 8.75 per cent growth in 2010-11 and return to 9 per cent growth in 2011-12 –steps to boost private investment in agriculture, concerns about double-digit food inflation spreading to other sectors are some of the highlights of Economy Survey 2009-10 tabled by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Parliament today

Following are the highlights of Economic Survey 2009-10:

* Economy likely to grow by up to 8.75 per cent in 2010—11

* Full recovery; return to 9 per cent growth in 2011—12

* Broad recovery gives scope for gradual stimulus roll back

* High double—digit food inflation in 2009—10 major concern

* Signs of food inflation spreading to other sectors

* Farm & allied sector production falls 0.2 p.c. in 2009—10

* Need serious policy initiatives for 4 p.c. agriculture growth

* Moots direct food subsidy via food coupons to households

* Favours making available food in open market

* Favours monthly ration coupons usable anywhere for poor

* Gross fiscal deficit pegged at 6.5 p.c. of GDP in 2009-10

* India 10th largest gold holding nation at 557.7 tonnes

* Exports in April-December 2009 down 20.3 per cent

* Imports in April-December 2009 down 23.6 per cent

* Trade gap narrowed to $ 76.24 billion in April-December.

* 32.5% savings & 34.9% investment (of GDP in 2008-09) put India in league of world’s fastest growing nations.

* Govt initiates steps to boost private investment in agriculture

* Wants credit available at reasonable rates on time for private sector to invest in agriculture

* Slowdown in infrastructure that began in 2007, arrested

* Domestic oil production to rise 11 per cent in 2009-10

* Gas output up 52.8 per cent to 50.2 billion cubic meters with RIL starting production * India world’s 2nd largest wireless network with 525.1 million mobile users

* Virtually every second Indian has access to phone

* Auction for 3G spectrum to provide existing and foreign players to bring in new technology and innovations


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