IGNOU plans ‘HR’ training for policemen

Following an idea mooted by former IPS officer Kiran Bedi a few days ago the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is planning to come out with ‘HR training’ for police force to strengthen human resource capability and professional knowledge.

The university will come out with focussed training programmes for the police personnel starting from constable level in order to equip them professionally.

Latha Pillai, Pro Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU, told The Hindu on Saturday that Ms. Kiran Bedi wanted the varsity to do some programmes exclusively for police personnel.

“Already, the IGNOU has been associated with education in prisons. Our Vice-Chancellor V.N. Rajasekaran Pillai has responded positively to this idea. Definitely we would like to impart training beginning from constable level and maybe we would first take one State to start with to implement it,” she said.

Dr. Latha Pillai said that the School of Law, IGNOU, will be asked to devise programmes that suit police personnel with regard to their professional/personality development. While delivering a lecture at New Delhi last week as part of the varsity’s silver jubilee lecture series, the retired police officer had sought training for policemen at the lower rung because “there is no HR wing for them and they needed to acquire knowledge on issues pertaining to their job.”

“Ms. Kiran Bedi told us that the total police force in the country was 1.7 million and periodical training is given only at the officer level while the people down the ladder required some intervention. Hence, she asked our university to consider introducing special programmes for them,” Dr. Latha Pillai said.

Some of the issues proposed to be covered in police-focused programmes would be effective handling of domestic violence, prevention of human trafficking, drug abuse and human rights.

The IGNOU Pro Vice-Chancellor was in the city to participate in the 34th Graduation Day of Yadava College and distribute degree certificates


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