Surya Kiran plane crashed in Hyderabad Begumpet Airshow

A plane has been crashed in Hyderabad at exactly 11:54am today on Wednesday morning. According to News channels Indian Navy’s flight Surya Kiran HZT-32 which was used in Air show in Begumpet airport has suddently went down and crashed in to a Three stair building in New bowenapally.

According to eye witnesses the flight has been crashed into the 3rd floor of the building. An eye witness sivarama krishna who called tv9 said ” Only some people have been injured in this accident no one killed and the pilots are also safe they used parachute and landed safely with minor injuries”.

The plane crashed during a formation that was part of an air show organized for the inaugural event of the India Aviation Summit.

Surya Kiran plane crash News will be updated.

Latest Update  – The plane crashed in to a Pent house in which 4 persons were staying they got injured. The two pilots who were in the plane were killed in the crash.


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