Ranjitha or Ragasudha – The Actress in Nithyananda’s Sex Scandal Video

ranjitha tamil actressranjitha tamil actress

Famous Tamil film actress have been captured in the Sensational sex scandal video with Swamiji Nithyananda, who is known as the guru of Tamil Nadu. The unbelieving sex video scandal of the Swamiji, broadcasted by Sun News, has created shock waves across the Tamil Nadu State and the Country. Following the stories the young ladies in the video are Tamil actresses, it is speculated that they are Ranjitha and Ragasudha.

The Tamil news channel Sun News TV broadcasted the video but didn’t reveal the identity of the girls involved. The actresses’ faces were unclear in the video. Someone has posted a full video in youtube few hours back with Nakkheeran.in’s water mark. In that video the young lady looks like Tamil Actress Rajitha.

According to OneIndia.in, Actress Ragasudha has acted in films like Dhinamum Ennai Gavani, Iyer IPS. Tamil actress Ranjitha was introduced to films by the famous Tamil director Bharathiraja in Nadodithentral with Karthik. It maybe recalled that Ragasudha was in the news for alleged sex scandal in the past too.


6 thoughts on “Ranjitha or Ragasudha – The Actress in Nithyananda’s Sex Scandal Video

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  3. How sad to see fanatical and ignorant Hindu readers believing that all the so called godmen, a significant number of them are fake fraudmen who abuse the ignorant, illiterate and superstitious women( and men). Don’t the godmen get eroticism, sex-feelings, animal magnetism and lust when looking at beautiful, attractve and revealing women? Fire and cotton wool can not be kept close even if the real godmen pretentiously guarantee that the fire will never touch the cotton wool. The very concept of celibacy is a myth and a fraud in 99% of the cases. Hindu godmen are not gods ( many Hindu gods have displayed their eroticism much more vividly is a different story) They are ordinary sex motivated social animals There had been too many such stories recently where the Hindu godmen have turned out to be fraudmen and lewdly seducing womanizers and profligates when it comes to sensuality.
    The most important thing is to realise that Hindu readers who attack non-Hindu religions in these forums should understand that the fraudmen (godmen) represent a tiny little and negligent part of Hinduism, so it is with all other religions. It is the same thing with terrorism, prostitution, anti-social crimes, burglary and so on. There are good and filthy people in all religions, races and nationalities. We have to judge these people by their acts not by their religions. Religions that teach celibacy are teaching unnatural and impossible doctrines. Fake monks’ and ‘pseudo Sadhus’, continue to practise their antics and let them take the innocent and superstitious masses for an immoral ride to satisfy their animal sensuality

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