“Swami Nithyananda and Ranjitha Fraud and Sex scandal Leaked on YouTube”

Swami Nithyananda and Ranjitha Fraud and Sex scandal Leaked

Nityananda fraud has been unveiled. As Swami Nityananda, a saint’s pervert activities has been caught up in the camera, the time he was indulged in sexual intercourse with some unknown actress from Tamil film industry. Although its not confirmed but it is rumored that although the actress’ face was masked but it is rumored that her name starts with, so rumor started off that Ranjitha Tamil actress was the one who has been involved with Nityananda. But some people say that the actress could be Ragasudha too.

Nityananada Sun News disclosure: Tamil news channel, sun news had told about Nityananda scandal that there are rumors that there had been a bedroom in ashram or hotel. But this kind of news related to Saint’s found indulged in sex activities is now a days not a new kind of news but it’s really shocking that Nitynanada, a spiritual guru has been into such kind of immoral activities.

Many spiritual gurus’ scandalous deeds are getting disclosed these days & now Ranjitha- Nityananda sex scandal is latest. These kind of spiritual gurus are doing immoral deeds behind the name of GOD, so we personally ask people who are spending up their time & money on these gurus, must not waste up their resources, although they must utilize their resources in doing good deeds.

As today, this scandalous news cracked, so people have started searching on internet for following tags: Ramya Nambeesan, Ragasudha, Nityananda Scandal, actress, nithyanandaranjitha actress, ranjitha, nithyananda fraud, ranjitha, nithyananda, nithyananda scandal, sun news, nithyananda sun news.


11 thoughts on ““Swami Nithyananda and Ranjitha Fraud and Sex scandal Leaked on YouTube”

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  3. The Cult of Paramahamsa Nithyananda – Spiritual Fraud!
    The Brainwashing Cult of Paramahamsa’ Nithyananda is a classic case of organized fraud. This cult leader, the so-called Paramahamsa Nithyananda, entraps innocent victims into his web of empire building by using psychological, financial, and quasi-legal methods to obtain finances and a free source of professional labor. Nithyananda has established an illegal immigration racket exploiting his nonprofit religious status in the United States. Nithyananda is very dangerous and should be deported from every single country that Nithyananda has established himself in. His criminal organizations have defrauded individuals, tax payers, and communities of millions of dollars, and his fraudulent ‘nonprofit’ organizations are known as the Nithyananda Foundation, the Life Bliss Foundation, and the Nithyananda Vedic Temples. Nithyananda lures people in his trap by using spiritual truths, meditation, yoga, and healing energies, and then does a ‘bait and switch’ approach. What candy is to a pedophile, Vedic Truths are to Nithyananda. Nithyananda’s biggest lure is the promise of enlightenment. By tricking potential followers that he can give enlightenment just by attending expensive programs and donating huge amounts of money, Nithyananda has secured a loyal following who are more than willing to ‘live a lie’ and to ‘spread a lie’. Nithyananda’s crimes amount to collective and organized fraud. Just as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Nithyananda cloaks his energy as divine source… but actually Nithyananda’s energy seems to be the darkest of tantric power. Close followers will note that most of his stories involve death, graveyards, and ghosts. Not exactly wholesome stuff. Unlike other legitimate missions such as Ramakrishna, etc., none of Mr. Nithyananda’s claims of enlightenment including Nithyananda’s horoscopes, etc. are verified and have been made public. His birth certificate of being born on January 1st is in question. There is absolutely NO transparency with this organization. There is only a legion of enthusiastic followers claiming that all of this is true. Not exactly hard proof. In public, Nithyananda places a humble and holy front with a boyish grin. In private, Nithyananda is abusive and is known to host attractive females (both married and single) alone in his quarters for hours. Nithyananda is not what he seems to be. Imagine this. What if a convicted child molester, rapist, murder, burglar, con artist, and arsonist donned a Santa Clause suit, and then won the confidence of trusting people to have him stay in their homes? This is exactly what Mr. Nithyananda has done on a spiritual level. Mr. Nithyananda’s bag of toys is not only as empty as his promises, it is full of dangerous traps and poison. Nithyananda’s impact on families has been severe. Divorces, financial ruin, broken careers, prolonged hardships, and undue stress have resulted from being involved with Nithyananda. Please take extra caution if approached by any followers of Nithyananda’s organizations, and it is best to avoid Nithyananda altogether.

    Visit http://nithyananda-cult.blogspot.com

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