Swami Nityananda And Actress In Sex Scandal

Now, religious men are standing in the queue of controversy after politicians. An Indian religious man Swami Nityananda has been caught in a sex controversy. A private Indian channel—Sun TV—showed a video tape live featuring Swami Nityananda and an actress. Recently, several highly respected and highly reputed personalities have been exposed in sex scandals including famous politician ND Tiwari. These sorts of sex scandals may shake the faith of people who treat them as Guru.

Last day, Sun News released a video tape featuring Swamiji and an actress. They were lying on a bed and doing personal things with each other.

There are mixed and confused reports about the identity of the lady. Some say it is Ragasudha while other claims she is Ranjita but no one is in doubt about the identity of the person. Swami Nityananda can be seen in the video, clearly.

Swami Nityananda owns an Ashram in Bidadi and it is being said that a furious mob attacked at Ashram after they watched him in unimaginable condition with a young girl. Although, there is a tight police security outside and inside Ashram yet it is not safe from furious people and they can attack again at any time.

People are getting furious on these kinds of so called religious gurus who make people fool on God’s name. People gives them respect but they do immoral deeds behind the name of GOD. They put a mask of kindness and piousness on their faces when they come in public but their real faces emerge in the dark when they sleep with actresses.

Swami Nithyananda With Tamil ActressSwami Nithyananda With Tamil Actress


10 thoughts on “Swami Nityananda And Actress In Sex Scandal

  1. what a shame to Hindu religion….with this one guy total Hinduism facing problems…

    We should punish this type of frauds like no one will blame the people in future

    • First of all i cant understand why these people belive all these swamijis and all ?? If they really trust in god they can help the need in poor and not speding their money to such a stupid fellows and beliving their words that they will do sth good to them(sholud have self confidence first ) ..and the other thing is y few people even support these type of stupids?? Pls pls pls and we all even demand for sever action against these all stupid fellows…its really shameless to all people who encourage all these type of activities..and y all the tv channels are showing them those many times on the TV ? it as another side effect they can just tell the news but why are they showing those many times in news …where is the world really going??its going in a really a bad and wrong direction…..y the government is just letting all these people to do so…pls just stop them all and take sever action against them..

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  4. Great Post there . One big question in every indian minds
    why this so called swami is hiding and not revealing
    true identity in front of world. And Why Such people are not punished with immediate effect.Now there is no reason
    for common man to belive on such fraud swamis.


  5. first of all it people fault. thought we are in 21st centurey they are becoming more superstious.they are comminting sings and are deparately looking for some one who can help to wash of their sins. the people suppport them insted they can doante money to some organisations. there are meany people in india with out food water.these kind of people should be stripped of all clother tie a chain and made to wal on road like dog. he potryaed himself as avery great man with control over his senses and he turned be a nraml man with selfish thoughts taking the advantage of people who lost trust on themselves. he is a bastard and he defamed the whoe hinduism. like in arabic countries his penis shouls cut into peices and his arms and legs should be removed and left on roads. i wish he comes into public and sicerely apologise and undergo punishment for his sin

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  7. Swami Sai Baba, Swami Harishchandra, Swami Vekatsubramanyam, N.D. Tiwai & now Swami Nityananad. Most godmen & 1 Hindu politician. All proved to be conmen. How can we now believe in these socalled eladers. Just beginning to wonder if there’s really a Hindu god. We already have about 30 million gods which is impossible. There fedinitely has to be only 1 God. This means that all our foreathers & ancestors were misled & lied to about our so many deities or demons. All this lead us billion people to blindly follow their beliefs. This means Hnduism is all muythology & no religion. Indian Hidnus have a long way in checking out for the TRUE religion & scrapping the present beliefs of demons, pagans and brainwashing.

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