TRS to explain to Srikrishna panel about need for Telangana state

Shedding its opposition to the Srikrishna Committee, TRS today decided to submit a comprehensive report to the panel “on the need for formation of separate Telangana state”.

“TRS is the voice of Telangana. The voice of Telangana people should not go unrepresented. It should be properly represented. That we have decided to submit a comprehensive report to the Srikrishna Committee on the need for formation of Telangana,” TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) told reporters.

The decision was taken unanimously at a meeting of TRS polit bureau meeting held at party headquarters here today.

He also announced the appointment of 11 sub-committees to prepare the report to be given to the Sri Krishna panel.

The party’s report would highlight how Telangana region was deprived of its due share in the funds and allocations since 1956 when the Telugu-speaking areas of Hyderabad state were merged with other Telugu areas to form the united Andhra Pradesh, he said.

Rejecting the Terms of Reference of the Srikrishna Committee, 10 TRS MLAs have quit their posts. Chandrasekhar Rao, MP from Mahabubnagar and Vijayasanthi, the other MP of TRS, had also announced their decision to submit fresh resignations, but they have now decided not to quit.

“We know when to throw our bombs. We should not do it at once,” Rao said, when asked about his earlier decision to quit.

Replying to a query, the TRS president said the decision of his party to submit report to the Srikrishna committee is in consonance with the decision of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of various parties and people’s organisations.

“The JAC has made it clear that any constituent (of the JAC) is free to make a representation to the Srikrishna committee,” he said.

The JAC had decided not only to boycott the Srikrishna Committee but also called for protests in Telangana when the members of the panel visit Hyderabad for two days from tomorrow.

The TRS president, however, maintained that his party would continue its agitation till the goal of separate Telangana is realised though it decided to meet the Srikrishna committee.


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