Salman Khan hospitalised for breathlessness

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is known for professionalism but he paid a huge price for it a few days ago. He was hospitalised after shooting a gruelling sequence which required him to run through fire several times

Salman ended up in the hospital after shooting a challenging scene for his brother Arbaz Khan’s debut production Dabang in Satara district. He shot for a particular scene involving fire for several times to get the perfect shot. But he was rushed to the hospital after complaining of breathlessness.
Sources said that the actor returned the next day for shooting in spite of the doctor’s advice to take rest for a couple of days. It added that he continued shooting against medical advice, as he didn’t want to interrupt the shooting schedule.

Well, Salman should take care of his health. After all, money can’t buy health.


2 thoughts on “Salman Khan hospitalised for breathlessness

  1. If health is gud than all is gud so salman take care of ur self ur work is not runing out, ur d best & u alwyz remain best bas take of urself as we all luv so we wishes best 4 u …………

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