Sonia concerned on food inflation

Congress President Sonia Gandhi today said that addressing the issue of food prices continues to the foremost priority but indicated no rollback of fuel price hike as ”raising resources” was necessary to meet the social obligations.

Addressing the Congress Parlliamentary Party meeting, Ms Gandhi
congratulated Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee for a ”fine and
delicate balancing act which has been widely welcomed” in the

”We have many essential social obligations and to meet them it
is necessary to raise resources,” she pointed out thereby
indicating that there would be no rollback of fuel price hike as
being demanded by the opposition parties and allies TMC and DMK.

She said social security fund for workers in the unorganised
sector has finally taken shape and will soon become operational. The
expenditure emphasis on agriculture, rural development,
infrastructure and social empowerment stands out boldly in the
budget, Ms Gandhi pointed out in obvious defence to the fuel price

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