Srikrishna lets parties give varied viewpoints

A difference of opinion in the Srikrishna Committee came to the fore on Thursday during the maiden visit of all its members to the state.
Justice B.N. Srikrishna, who is heading the committee, made it clear that any number of views, even though they are divergent, could be expressed by leaders of a particular party.
Asked why the committee did not insist on political parties submitting a specific opinion and thereby allow them to continue to adopt dual standards, which are aggravating the situation, Justice Srikrishna said these parties might adopt “double, triple or single standards” but it was for the committee to analyse them.
Going by the approach of the committee chairman in obtaining the views of political parties, the Congress and TD leadership could escape from the crucial responsibility of letting their view known on the bifurcation of the state. However, the member secretary, Mr V.K. Duggal, during his recent visit to city, categorically said the committee would take the opinion of the president as authentic view of the respective party. He said the party president’s view was sought keeping in view the divergent views expressed by leaders within a single party.
Justice Srikrishna said, “I am a judge all my life. I intend to listen to all versions,” he said. Asked why the committee took up labourious exercise after the Centre already held meeting with political parties, he said the exercise was to know the views of aam aadmi which were equally important.


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