Cops acquire gadget to trace missing vehicles

Hyderabad: With cases of missing vehicles on the rise in the twin cities, the Hyderabad city traffic police have decided to take the help of technology to tackle the situation. They have acquired PDA, the latest gadget that will come handy in recovering missing vehicles.

Traffic police told Expresso that they are right now in the process of gathering data of missing vehicles throughout the State.

Once pooled, the data will be stored in the communication wing at the office of the Director General of Police and made available on the Programmable Device Application (PDA), to help traffic cops trace the stolen vehicles.

Traffic police can randomly enter the vehicle numbers on the PDA and the system automatically crosschecks the numbers with the database of missing vehicles.

If the number is that of a stolen vehicle, instantly an alert will pop up on the instrument.

“We will be able to immediately seize the vehicle. If it is a passing vehicle, we can inform the police posted in the next junction.

The department is planning to use the device extensively at the check-posts set up in various parts of the city,” a senior traffic police officer said.

It is learnt that currently over 10,000 cases of missing vehicles are pending in various police stations in Hyderabad.

The vehicle recovery rate has so far been low as the investigating authorities were solely dependent on suspects and habitual offenders for clues to trace the stolen vehicles.

“Once the database is ready, recovery of vehicles will be easier and faster. “Gathering details of stolen vehicles from all the 23 districts has been a slow and laborious task.

However, for the new system to work effectively the data from districts is essential since stolen vehicles are generally moved from one district to another,” the officer added.

As of now, the traffic police are using the PDA to recover pending e-challan arrears from motorists.

Meanwhile, traffic police have expressed their displeasure over buyers of used vehicles not registering the vehicles in their names. There are still many persons in the city who have not completed the registration formalities after selling their vehicles, they said. “If a vehicle is not registered in the buyer’s name after sale, the seller will be liable if the said vehicle gets involved in any offence,’’ Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic) A Ravi Chandra said


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