Shiv Sena MP wants India to attack terror camps in Pak

Manohar Joshi Shiv Sena MP wants India to attack terror camps in Pak

New Delhi, March 4:  Shiv Sena today demanded that India should attack terror camps in Pakistan if another terrorist attack takes place in this country. “I expect if a further attack takes place, the Indian government must immediately order its Air Force to bomb terror camps in Pakistan,” senior party leader Manohar Joshi said in Rajya Sabha participating in a debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’’s address.

He accused the government of not taking up the issue of terrorism in a bold manner and cited the example of Israel saying the government there immediately sends its fighter planes to attack terrorists if any small attack takes place in that country. “The language that Pakistan understands is the language of the brave people.

But I don”t think the government here will act bravely,” he said. Joshi also alleged that contradictory statements were issued from Home Ministry and Maharashtra government over the terrorist attack in Pune and asked why the Government did not become wise even after 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

“Can the government make an announcement giving a guarantee of security and right to live? Government is not giving this most important right of the citizens,” he added. He criticised Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on the issue of prices and said, “Government has failed in all walks of life.

” Opposing the motion, he said the President’’s speech had “no base”.


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