I have not done anything against law: Nityananda

Chennai, Mar7 (PTI) Self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, who is at the centre of a controversy after his alleged sleazy acts was telecast on TV channels, today claimed that he had not done anything illegal and against law.

“Neither the ashram nor I did anything that is against the law. We will find out the truth and will come back to you very soon. Till then please be patient,” he said in a video clip.

The CD of him speaking before a camera at an undisclosed location was sent through his lawyer and circulated to select media.

Nityananda said he was in the process of collecting details with regard to the charges and allegations levelled against him. The contents of his speech were telecast by a private Tamil Satellite Channel.



3 thoughts on “I have not done anything against law: Nityananda

  1. It is sad to see fanatical and ignorant Hindu readers who believe every tom dick and harry as godmen. It is a fact that a significant number of them are fake fraudmen who abuse the ignorant, illiterate and superstitious women( and men). Is it not stupidity on the part of even educated and intelliegent women not to understand that that even godmen get eroticism, sex-feelings, animal magnetism and lust when looking at beautiful, attractve and revealing women? Fire and cotton wool can not be kept close even if the real godmen pretentiously guarantee that the fire (the samiyar)will never touch the cotton wool ( women) The very concept of celibacy is a myth and a fraud in 99% of the cases. Hindu godmen are not gods ( many Hindu gods have displayed their eroticism much more vividly is a different story, visit any temples in south India or the murals of Khajurahu scuptures) Samiyars are ordinary sex motivated social animals There had been too many such stories recently Many Hindu godmen have turned out to be fraudmen and lewdly seducing womanizers when it comes to sex.The most important that Hindu readers who attack non-Hindu religions in these forums should understand that the fraudmen (godmen) represent a tiny little and negligent part of Hinduism. So it is with all other religions. It is the same thing with terrorism, prostitution, anti-social crimes, burglary and so on. There are good and filthy people in all religions, races and nationalities. We have to judge these people by their acts not by their religions. Religions that teach celibacy are teaching unnatural and impossible doctrines. Fake monks’ and ‘pseudo Sadhus’, continue to practise their antics and take the innocent and superstitious masses for an immoral ride to satisfy their animal sex urge. Bring a law that anyone who sets up a samiyar madam blessing young girls, must have been castrated and let him become unsex first. Same rule to catholic fathers and other monks.

  2. Swami Nithyananda is right in the case of normal people, Indian law, though foolishly allows sex between consenting adults, so he can have sex with any number of consenting women, but mind you that law does not apply to responsible people who have wards. Imagine if a college principal, a school teacher applies this practice of consensual sex with his girl students and a hostel warden does this with his students whom he is supposed to protect, a prison warden engages in this filth with his female prisoners and a hospital doctor does to his patients. Can the fence eat the crops that the fence is supposed to protect? Simply because some black sheep catholic priests are indulging in unnatural sex acts, you can not justify that what our great samiyar did is correct, a wrong is wrong whether the terrible wrong is done by a Muslim cleric, or a Hindu samiyar, Christian priest, or by a Buddhist Monk or a Christian nun. Two wrongs do not make a wrong right, a wrong is always a wrong, so please be brave enough to come forward to say that what the horrible samiyar Nithyanada did was a big and horrible immoral act, a man who should set good examples showed the wrong way of life, imagine if temples, Masjids and churches, monasteries and synagogues are turned into brothels, will you accept it. Do not break the laws of God Almighty

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