Indian man arrested and charged over death of toddler

Melbourne: A 23-year-old Indian man was on Sunday arrested and charged over the death of an Indian toddler, whose dumped body was found three days ago in a Melbourne suburb.

Sources said that the wife of Dhillon Gursewak, who has been arrested, is likely to be charged for helping her husband in disposing off the toddler’s body.

Gursewak, who lived in the same house as the three-old boy Gurshan Singh Channa and his parents from Punjab, has been charged with manslaughter due to criminal negligence and appeared in an out-of-sessions hearing at St Kilda Road police complex, local media reports said.

Police also said Gursewak, a part-time taxi driver, was not a relative of the toddler though they lived in the same house.

“The court heard Dhillon allegedly put the unconscious Channa in the boot of a car and drove around for three hours. It is alleged he then dumped him on the side of a road without checking if he was alive,” an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report said.

Dhillon was refused bail and will reappear in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Channa’s body was found by a council worker on Thursday night, six hours after he disappeared from a rented property shared by his parents with friends and family here. A total of 12 people lived in the house.

Channa was in Australia on a holiday along with his parents

An initial autopsy on the child was inconclusive.

A family friend, who was with the couple, said police were very close to completing their investigation. “Police are very close to the person… who has done the crime.”

‘The Age’ earlier said it was believed investigation was focussing on the 12 adults who had access to the house in David Street, Lalor, from where Gurshan disappeared.

Detectives released details of a car that was seen in the area where the boy’s body was discovered.

They were looking for information or any sightings of a green VR or VT Commodore that was spotted in the area around St Johns and Wildwood roads on Thursday afternoon


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