Facebook Better Social Media Marketing Intimacy- Twitter Better Viral Expediency

Twitter or Facebook. Orange Juice with or without the pulp. Which is better for your particular business or entrepreneurial Social Media Internet marketing strategy? Okay, so maybe orange juice can’t directly benefit your Social Media Marketing strategies unless you need the Vitamin C to help your eyes better focus on all the information I’m about to provide you. While there’s no doubt that Facebook, Twitter, or both can reap big benefits for your products or services. The bigger question has become which one and why?

So I’m going to get right to the point and do a deeper analysis of a couple facets of Facebook verse Twitter from a Social Media Internet Marketing perspective for businesses and online marketers. And best of all, being the founder of Irbtrax Social Media Internet Marketing optimization. I get to do the final editing of all my work.

Comparison of Twitter verse Facebook as an effective Social Media intimacy platform:

Social Media Intimacy is a buzzword for direct audience communication and interactive exchanges. Facebook is a naturally interactive community due to its ‘wall’ feature. A feature where Facebook users can publish updates, important news or offers which allow for direct commentary. This information, and the related comments, remain visible for long periods of time depending on the activity level. Or they can be reposted at a later date if archived. Additionally, Facebook has an instant message feature that allows you to communicate globally. A free online conference call.

The level of intimacy (interactivity) on Twitter is far lower due to Tweet ‘turnover’. Which makes open dialogue very difficult especially if you have a large following or a high Tweet Volume. Twitter has a direct message component that allows you to alert or update a select follower. This is a handy feature but it’s not yet streamlined for optimal interactivity. Due partly to character length restrictions as well as timing issues since the average user appears to stay logged into Twitter for about 7 minutes at a time.

Advantage: Facebook

Comparison of Viral Marketing benefits for breaking news or creative content:

Twitter Tweets offer strong viral marketing benefits. Creative or newsworthy Tweets can take on the characteristics of a rapidly spreading Press Release. When retransmitted by your followers they are then picked up by their followers resulting in massive exposure. Additionally, Google’s “Real Time” search feature will stream live Tweets for various keyword search phrases at different times. This is a huge benefit that can’t be overlooked. The only difficulty- There’s no set schedule for when this happens so you have to engage in a little Internet Market research to determine which Keyword Phrases are the most common found in “Real Time” SERP’s. Lastly, you can directly measure the viral effectiveness of your Tweets using 3rd party sources. This information allows you to determine which topics are the most popular and maximize your Twitter results.

Facebook is more limited in this area because their ‘share’ feature doesn’t appear to have as strong a viral impact partially due to Facebook being a more closed community at the moment. A follower has the option to comment, share, or do both. Because of these options Facebook’s share results can be diminished by followers who prefer to comment. However, given that it’s much easier to build a large following on Facebook due to the sheer volume of users- Unique, creative or newsworthy information posted on your ‘wall’ can spread virally within this community. However, it’s much more difficult to measure the extent of the viral benefit of the various content or important news published on your Facebook.

Advantage: Twitter

Comparison of unique results from using Facebook or Twitter:

As mentioned above. Facebook has a much larger community than Twitter. Facebook has an Alexa ranking of 2 compared to Twitter’s ranking of 12. When researching upstream traffic, the amount of visits to a website that Facebook or Twitter provides, Facebook almost always wins and wins big. Keep in mind that these results are spread across all markets. Business to Consumer, Business to Business, News, Entertainment and Resource sites. The vast majority of websites on the Internet are Resource (broad based or topic specific information sites including local, state and federal government) and Business to Consumer sites. Followed by Business to Business, Entertainment and News sites.

Facebook appears to have a large advantage in the Business to Consumer and overall Entertainment market. An advantage in the Resource sites market. A virtual tie in the News sites market at the moment. However, independent studies show that in the Business to Business market Twitter has pulled ahead of Facebook. So here’s a case of picking the best platform for your particular niche and understanding its strengths and limitations because smaller sub categories within the above larger categories often favor Twitter.

Advantage: Facebook except in the Business to Business and News markets.

Conclusion- To maximize your Social Media Internet marketing results it’s best to create a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. If trying to decide which one you want to engage first, or where to spend the most amount of your available time, follow this rough rule of thumb. Start with Twitter if you have an available collection of important news, information, or opinions you want to share. And share immediately. If you’re initial objective is to create a strong Social Media presence by leveraging your existing online presence and being interactive then Facebook would be the best place to start. If you’re in the Business to Business market start with Twitter. If you’re in the Business to Consumer market start with Facebook. However, it’s very clear that in either case you can’t go wrong. Providing you perform basic Internet Market research, apply the findings to your Target Audience, and weigh the strengths of each platform.



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