HIV Patients Have A Ray Of Hope Now

In a welcome news for HIV patients, Canadian and American researchers have found new ways to increase effectiveness of the current drugs to fight the deadly disease.
Currently, HIV/AIDS patients are treated with highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) that involves at least three active anti-retroviral medications. The HAART ‘cocktail’ suppresses viral replication in the blood.
Although HAART delays the progression of AIDS and prolongs life, it does not lead to cure of the disease.
But now researchers from Montreal University, McGill University, and the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida (VGTI) have published a new study that may lead to an expansion of the role of the current drug arsenal used to fight HIV.
The joint study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, shows how the pivotal role of two molecules, PD-1 and IL-10, can influence the function of CD4/T-helper cells and alter their ability to fight HIV “, a statement by Montreal University said on Monday.
“Our findings show that the membrane protein PD-1 is up-regulated during HIV infection by the release of bacterial products from the gut and this subsequently increases the production of a cell derived factor, IL-10 that paralyses the immune system,” lead author Rafick-Pierre Sekaly has been quoted as saying.
“We are the first to show that these two molecules work together to shut down the function of CD4 T-cells in HIV patients. This in turn, may lead to paralysis of the immune system and an accelerated disease progression.Our results suggest that it is important to block both IL-10 and PD-1 interactions to restore the immune response during HIV infection,” said Sekaly.
“We believe that immunotherapies that target PD-1 and IL-10 should be part of the arsenal used to restore immune function in HIV-infected subjects,” he added.

Nithyananda Was Only Receiving Offerings From Devotee Ranjitha?

Actress Ranjitha who was caught on video indulging in sexual activities with the spiritual guru Nithyananda has finally spoken up and justified her acts saying she was just giving her “offerings” to the Godman.

She said that she has known Swamiji was quite some time and she is extremely grateful to him for curing her of her prolonged wheezing trouble in just a day. She said that she often fed him food and massaged his body. She said she did all this as a true devotee. She also admitted that she used to stay in his room until late in the night and that it was with the knowledge of the ashram inmates.

The actress said, “Media unnecessarily blew the issue. I know Swamiji for past few years and my association with him is transparent. As a true devotee I offered my service like feeding food and massaging him regularly in his personal room. I used to stay with him during late hours but the inmates of the ashram also know this…”

Ranjitha, however, was very careful with her words and not even once did she talk about the ‘sex issue’. She carefully evaded the topic and neither accepted nor denied her sexual acts in the video, but she strongly denied the accusation that she is trying to cash on the sex video shot by Nithyananda’s onetime associate Lenin Karuppan. She said, “I know my Swamiji.. He is a great Athma and will come as a pure Athma soon….”

Shah Rukh Khan’s Surprises With His ‘Smack That’ Party

Shah Rukh Khan’s Surprises With His ‘Smack That’ Party

Shah Rukh Khan

The International R&B singer Akon and Shah Rukh Khan’s professional affair is quite well known to the public. But King Khan will take this relation to a personal affair by making him to do a famous song number in his private party took visitors with surprise.
The invitees of Khan’s party was all very much overjoyed and equaly surprised when Akon moved the Khan’s party crowd to his toe tapping popular number of his ‘Smack That’.
Excited international singer noted that it is on Khan’s personal request he had come to perform, Akon further added, “Shah Rukh has requested me to sing ‘Smack That’ at the party.”
This grand party was arranged in advance of the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, overjoyed Khan added, “My kids love him, I love him. I want you all to give him the biggest welcome into the country that anyone has ever had.”
Hopes are much on the hook that  Akon might do the vocal for one sensational number in Shah Rukh’s upcoming action flick ‘RA 1’.
Favorite friend of Khan, Juhi Chawala appeared quite unaware of the popular singer and stated, “Actually I will be seeing him for the first time, performing live. I haven’t listened to his song before. I have come as a guest in this party, so I really don’t know what exactly has been planned for tonight. It will be a surprise for me as well.”

It seems after ‘My Name Is Khan’s worldwide success has made Khan to choose international flavor for his private events

Indian Firms Face Huge Threats From Cyber Attacks

In today’s phase of IT scenario what hampers the enterprisers are not the constant threat of terrorist attack nor any natural calamity but more of cyber attack according to the study of global security solutions provider Symantec.

Due to tough cyber attack, the Indian enterprises suffered an average revenue loss of Rs.5.8 million in 2009 according to the reports of  ‘On the State of Enterprise Security’ revealed.

Cyber attacks are posing a greater threat than terrorist attack according to Symantec India managing director Vishal Dhupar who stated, “Security has become a main concern to Indian enterprises as cyber attacks are posing a greater threat than terrorism, natural disasters and conventional crimes.”

This malicious activity of the IT underworld is to steal sensitive information, confidential data and proprietary material for monetary gain. Mavin hackers can gain access to the IT infrastructure of enterprises, spanning servers, storage and multiple devices through the internet and browsers.

About 66 percent of the surveyed Indian enterprises faced cyber attacks from external and internal sources in the last year according to the study report, eventually causing loss of confidential data and productivity.

Another factor impacting enterprise security spanning networks, endpoints, web and data protection is understaffing.

The main cause of this hackers powerful impact in the IT scene is due to understaffing, Dhupar on referring to the findings of the study stated, “Securing enterprises and protecting information are more challenging due to understaffing, new IT initiatives and compliance issues. A security blueprint that protects infrastructure as well as information, enforces IT policies and manages systems efficiently can increase the competitive edge of businesses in an information-driven world.”

Managing business risk emanating from use of IT will be a key focus area in 2010 for over 80 percent of enterprises.

Each attack mounted financial impact on enterprises, Dhupar further revealed,  “Each cyber attack mounted had a financial impact on enterprises, besides loss of customer trust and damage to reputation. About 90 percent enterprises face a cost to prevent such attacks and to comply with regulations, as financial loss in productivity was on average Rs.8.4 million in 2009.”

What is basically most important in the preparation against more attacks from the hackers is to develop and enforce IT policies as well as to automate their compliance processes according to the study report.

According to an analyzer on study report about risk factor, sighted, “Enterprises need to develop and enforce IT policies and automate their compliance processes. By prioritising risks and defining policies that span across all locations, customers can identify threats and remediate incidents as they occur or anticipate them before they happen.”

Ponting completes 8000 runs as captain

Hamilton: RT Ponting became the first captain in the history of one day games to completed 8000 runs as captain.

At the start of the third one day game of the Chappell-Hadlee series at Hamilton on 09.03.10, Ponting had an aggregate of 7976 runs as captain and required 24 more runs to aggregate 8000 runs. At the end of this game, his aggregate stood at 8045 runs.

He reached the milestone when on 24 during the course of his knock of 69 in the third one day game at Hamilton on 09.03.10.

His 24th run came of the fourth delivery of 22nd over of New Zealand’s innings when he drove DL Vettori uppishly to long on.

Ponting’s 8000 runs came in his 212th match as captain, 203 innings. He has scored 21 hundreds and 49 half centuries as captain.

Swamis and Scandals

Swami Paramhansa Nityanand: The founder of the Nityanand mission, which claims to have 1,000 branches across 33 countries, has been untraceable since certain Tamil TV channels recently aired a video which allegedly shows him in a compromising position with a Tamil actress. Nityanand, who has ashrams in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Puducherry, hails from Tamil Nadu and has a sprawling ashram in Bidadi, 30 km from Bangalore. He claims to lead a worldwide movement for meditation and peace. Lenin Karuppan, a former disciple, has said that he shot the video to expose the swami. Lenin has alleged that his life has been under threat from the swami, adding that he also suspected foul play behind the death of a woman inmate a year ago. In the complaint filed with Chennai City Police Commissioner T Rajendran, Lenin, who claimed to be an inmate of the ashram in Bangalore since 2006, said the swami used to lure young women devotees claiming that he was the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.

Anup Kumar Sahay: A self-proclaimed godman in Ghaziabad, he was booked on Sunday for abducting his cousin. According to a complaint filed by Subha Srivastava, mother of the victim, the accused along with his brother Ashok Kumar Sahay abducted her daughter Priyanka Srivastava on February 15. The self-proclaimed godman has been booked under sections 363, 313 and 366 of the IPC which pertain to kidnapping and forcing a woman to undergo abortion without her will.

Kripaluji Maharaj: Ram Kripal Tripathi aka Kripaluji Maharaj, at whose ashram near Pratapgarh in UP 63 people died in a stampede last week, was charged with kidnapping and rape in two cases in Nagpur in 1991. He was acquitted after the witnesses turned hostile. He was arrested in 2007 after a Guyanese woman in South Trinidad filed a rape case against him.

Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale: Shiv Murti Dwivedi alias Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale (39), a self-styled godman, was arrested by the Delhi Police last month on charges of operating a high-profile sex racket involving former airhostesses and students.

Asaram Bapu: Two minor boys of the Asaram Ashram-run gurukul in Ahmedabad were found dead in the Sabarmati riverbed two days after they mysteriously went missing from the gurukul in February 2008. The police booked Asaram Bapu in a criminal case pertaining to attempt to murder last year in December on the basis of a complaint filed by Raju Chandak, a former disciple of Asaram. Chandak was shot at by two persons on December 5 and he sustained injuries on his chest and shoulders. Chandak alleged that he was targeted at the behest of Asaram, as he had testified before the D K Trivedi Commission probing into the death of the two boys.

Jayendra Saraswati: The influential Kanchi math Shankaracharya was arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police in Mehboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh in November 2004 in connection with the murder of a former accountant of the math.

Santosh Madhavan: The temple priest-turned-astrologer wanted by the Interpol – was arrested in Alappuzha in May 2008. Apart from a Rs 50 lakh fraud case that has a Dubai-based businesswoman as the complainant, Madhavan, who had turned himself into Swami Amritachaitanya presiding over a posh ashram and flaunting high connections in the state’s political circle and the bureaucracy, was also charged with raping a 15-year-old girl repeatedly.

Premananda: Also known as Trichy Sai Baba, he was awarded life imprisonment in 1994 for two terms on the charges of multiple criminal offences including rape and murder. Premananda, who reportedly had powerful supporters in the AIADMK, had not only raped many of the inmates of his ashram at Trichy but also carried out crude medical terminations of some of the consequent pregnancies with the help of a couple of associates. He was also charged with the murder of an engineer who had opposed the nefarious activities at the ashram.


Four in five people feel Internet access should be ‘a fundamental right’

 London, March 8 (ANI): Almost four in five people feel that access to the World Wide Web is a fundamental right, according to a survey.

The poll for the BBC World Service, which quizzed more than 27,000 adults across 26 countries, found that 87 per cent of browsers believed Internet access should be the “fundamental right of all people”.

The survey also found significant number of supporters in favour of net access on both sides of the virtual divide, with those in South Korea forming the majority (96 per cent) in supporting the idea, the BBC reported.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents in Japan, Mexico and Russia confessed they could not deal without the virtual world.

The dangers of the online world, such as fraud, the ease of access to violent and explicit content and privacy worries, were amongst the most concerning aspects for those questioned.

A majority of users in Japan, South Korea and Germany also said they were afraid to express their opinions safely online, while those in Nigeria, India and Ghana were much more confident about speaking out