82nd Academy Award:Kavi An Indian Boy Missed Out

The Danish’s entry ‘The New Tenants’ by Gregg Helvey had made an Oscar nomination for the Best Short Film category, got recognized with an award eventually but the expectation that was much upon Indian talent Kavi who plays a slave boy missed out in the race.

‘The New Tenants’, is a twenty one minutes long Danish live action short film which defeated other competitors like ‘The Door’, ‘Instead of Abracadabra’ and ‘Miracle Fish’ to clinch the Oscar award which was presented by actresses Carey Mulligan and Zoe Saldana at the grand event.

It is quite an impactful film, the Assistant Director Vikas Chandra stated, “We wanted to have a lasting impact on the audience, and so we worked hard on deciding on the minute details like the colour tones of the film.”

This film is more creatively satisfying according to Vikas and highlighted, “Greg did not seem like an outsider. He had a vision about the film. But initially it was rather hard to come to one creative plain but as things progressed, it started to become more creatively satisfying.”

Thanking God for making things possible at this year’s Oscar, producer Harish Amin stated, “I really want to thank God and all our supporters for being there for us. The Oscars are such that our film is now recognized on the international platform and the intention is not to win but to make the people aware of the social conditions that are generally not highlighted.”

According to him Greg is also contriving to make a feature length film based on this in the future, Vikas revealed, “Kavi had a narrow budget. Greg and Harish had got hard cash, but it was never enough. There were a lot of favors called in and a lot of phone calls were made. We had help from the local village who supplied us with small things. We had very little money to give to the actors, but we promised them a platform and recognition which was validated when we took the cast to Delhi last year and so little by little things fell into place.”

Hope after this year’s success ‘The New Tenants’ team can look forward to mark in better in the Oscar history.


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