Einstein’s manuscript on display in Israel

The manuscript of the path-breaking theory of relativity written by physicist Albert Einstein has been put on display for the first time in Israel.

The 46-page manuscript of the “Theory of General Relativity”, which was donated by the scientist to Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1925, has been put on display at the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

The exhibition, which began Sunday as part of the institute’s 50th anniversary celebration, will be on until the end of March, Xinhua reported.

Mr. Einstein, who is regarded as the father of modern physics, received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution.

The physicist, one of the founders of the Hebrew University, bequeathed his personal papers and their intellectual copyrights to the institute.

The Albert Einstein Archives of the university, which contains some 55,000 items, has the largest collection of original Einstein manuscripts in the world.

The Theory of General Relativity, which was published in 1915, led to a revolutionary understanding of the structure and development of the universe.

Mr. Einstein’s masterpiece made historic contributions not only to physics research, but also to technological development, creating base for many scientific experiments and designing of instruments like the global positioning system.


One thought on “Einstein’s manuscript on display in Israel

  1. Hebrew University is having a celebration for Einstein’s birthday March 14th- you can go to their Facebook page The Hebrew University and Ask Einstein a question and get an answer!! Or you can email them with a question at PRMedia@savion.huji.ac.il Check it out and help celebrate!!

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