Indian Firms Face Huge Threats From Cyber Attacks

In today’s phase of IT scenario what hampers the enterprisers are not the constant threat of terrorist attack nor any natural calamity but more of cyber attack according to the study of global security solutions provider Symantec.

Due to tough cyber attack, the Indian enterprises suffered an average revenue loss of Rs.5.8 million in 2009 according to the reports of  ‘On the State of Enterprise Security’ revealed.

Cyber attacks are posing a greater threat than terrorist attack according to Symantec India managing director Vishal Dhupar who stated, “Security has become a main concern to Indian enterprises as cyber attacks are posing a greater threat than terrorism, natural disasters and conventional crimes.”

This malicious activity of the IT underworld is to steal sensitive information, confidential data and proprietary material for monetary gain. Mavin hackers can gain access to the IT infrastructure of enterprises, spanning servers, storage and multiple devices through the internet and browsers.

About 66 percent of the surveyed Indian enterprises faced cyber attacks from external and internal sources in the last year according to the study report, eventually causing loss of confidential data and productivity.

Another factor impacting enterprise security spanning networks, endpoints, web and data protection is understaffing.

The main cause of this hackers powerful impact in the IT scene is due to understaffing, Dhupar on referring to the findings of the study stated, “Securing enterprises and protecting information are more challenging due to understaffing, new IT initiatives and compliance issues. A security blueprint that protects infrastructure as well as information, enforces IT policies and manages systems efficiently can increase the competitive edge of businesses in an information-driven world.”

Managing business risk emanating from use of IT will be a key focus area in 2010 for over 80 percent of enterprises.

Each attack mounted financial impact on enterprises, Dhupar further revealed,  “Each cyber attack mounted had a financial impact on enterprises, besides loss of customer trust and damage to reputation. About 90 percent enterprises face a cost to prevent such attacks and to comply with regulations, as financial loss in productivity was on average Rs.8.4 million in 2009.”

What is basically most important in the preparation against more attacks from the hackers is to develop and enforce IT policies as well as to automate their compliance processes according to the study report.

According to an analyzer on study report about risk factor, sighted, “Enterprises need to develop and enforce IT policies and automate their compliance processes. By prioritising risks and defining policies that span across all locations, customers can identify threats and remediate incidents as they occur or anticipate them before they happen.”


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