Nithyananda Sex Tape May Or May Not Be Real: Says Ashram

A few days back, a tape showing Nithyananda indulging in sexual activities with actress Ranjitha was released. The tape caused outrage among the public.

Nithyananda’s ashram’s authorities who had earlier dismissed the possibility of the sex tape being real are now saying that the tape may or may not be real. The Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam authorities said that they can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the tape.

International co-ordinator and spokesperson, Swami Nitya Sachithananda, Sri Nitya Gnanananda Mahacharya, and Nitya Prananda said that the accused spiritual guru will talk to his devotees through a website in four or five days.

While the ashram authorities say that whether or not the man in the tape was Nithyananda cannot be concluded they still feel that there is a shade of conspiracy in the whole issue. An ashram spokesman said, “We are contemplating legal action against those responsible for tarnishing the image of Swami Nithyananda and the ashram.”

Swami Nitya Sachithananda even dismissed a number of allegations slapped against Nithyananda and his ashram in the media after the sex scandal came to light.Reports of rape and sexual abuse had surfaced after the ashram got entangled with the sex tape fiasco. Sachithananda, however, dismissed these allegations and also rubbished reports of human right violations and land disputes between the ashram authorities and the Maran family.

Death of a Canadian devotee in the ashram also sparked accusations of foul play by ashram authorities. Authorities, however, clarified that the Canadian, Melvin Boyd Diamond, had a history of health problems and a post mortem report could be submitted by the Ashram if required.


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