Nithyananda to appear in public with a clarification

Bangalore: Swami Nithyananda of the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, in the news for his alleged involvement in a sex scandal, will appear in public “in a day or two” with a clarification on the controversy surrounding him, said the Dhyanapeetam authorities in their first formal media appearance after a private TV channel telecast objectionable video images of him. The so-called sex-scandal involving the godman was a creation of “surgical precision” by the electronic media, which had a “hidden agenda,” said the Dhyanapeetam’s spokesperson Nithya Sachidananda at the Ashram premises in Bidadi. He said the godman was now participating in the Kumbh Mela at Haridwar.

“There is a threat to the Swamiji’s life and he has been receiving threatening calls,” he said. “We are contemplating legal action against those responsible for tarnishing the image of Swami Nithyananda and the ashram,” he added.

Dismissing all allegations against Nithyananda, including the rape of an actress, Mr. Sachidananda said that copies of the offending CD were handed over to senior police officials and politicians in Karnataka by the Swamiji’s driver Nithya Dharmananda alias Lenin before it was telecast on electronic media in Tamil Nadu.

In the 45-minute briefing, Mr. Sachidananda faced a volley of questions.

According to him, Mr. Lenin, who reportedly recorded the escapade, did not know how to use hidden cameras. “We suspect the episode to be the handiwork of several people,” he said.

He denied that the ashram had encroached upon land in Bidadi. To allegations that a Canada-based devotee, Melvin Boyd Diamond, had died under mysterious circumstances at the ashram, he clarified that the death was an accident, and the fact had been established by the post-mortem report.

Meanwhile a senior Karnataka police official told The Hindu that the Tamil Nadu police had not handed the case over to their Karnataka counterparts as yet. “We have received no complaint from anybody in Karnataka, and neither have we interrogated Mr. Lenin,” he said, adding, “consensual sex is not a crime, and there is no complaint of rape or molestation.”

“Perhaps the case became too hot a potato for the Tamil Nadu police to handle,” he said.


One thought on “Nithyananda to appear in public with a clarification

  1. From Our childhood learning, ” when the bull is running Let the rope loose, let run then hold the rope then you have the control, you may have to run with the bull to keep hold of the rope” “I am sure that Nithyananda will have control over this very soon”

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