Ranjitha, Karuppa trapped Nithyananda?

Ranjitha, who recently got alleged with Swami Nithyananda in a sex scandal, is said to have attempted for a suicide. The scandal video was aired by the popular Tamil channel Sun TV on March 2. No news of either of the two was known thereafter. People were so angry and desperate that they attacked the ashrams of Swamiji.

Ranjitha was a devotee to Swamiji. She was a divorcee to an army man and visited Nithyananda after suffering from depression due to the marriage failure. Later she became too close to Nithyananda that she made her presence all the time in the ashram. Buzz is also that the video was created by Ranjitha herself to blackmail Nithyananda. She wanted a married life with Nithyananda and is said that this possessiveness made her to trap Nithyananda.

Ranjitha was introduced to him three years back by actress K R Vijaya’s niece Sudha, a full-time devotee. Later on Swami’s charm made her fall for him and she even decided to shift base from Chennai to Bangalore. After getting intimate with Swami, she is said to have asked him to marry her and even got a positive response. Later he was worried about the property worth several hundred crore rupees that he would have to give up. Lenin Karuppa also attempted to blackmail Swamiji but he failed. So it is said that both have planned together to trap Swami Nithyananda.

By the time Nithyananda’s lawyer confirmed that Nithyananda is in Varanasi attending Kumbha Mela with his 4000 devotees. He is to return back on March 18. He also claimed that the woman in the video has covered her neck and that Nithyananda’s face is a morphed one.


One thought on “Ranjitha, Karuppa trapped Nithyananda?

  1. From Our childhood learning, ” when the bull is running Let the rope loose, let run then hold the rope then you have the control, you mahave to run with the bull to keep hold of the rope” “I am sure that Nithyananda will have control over this very soon”

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