Sri Sri Ravi Shankar flays Husain for nude paintings

Bangalore: Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar expressed that surprise over the “hue and cry” over painter MF Husain’s move to give up Indian citizenship and chided him for painting Indian gods in the nude.

“While India has a policy of free expression, one cannot accept blatant insult to the heroes of its land. It is the intention behind a man’s creativity which is questionable,” Ravi Shankar said in a statement.

“In one of Husain’s paintings of Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein and Hitler, he painted only Hitler nude and said that his way of humiliating a person is to paint him nude.

“No one has ever sculpted Rama and Sita as nude. Creative expression is always welcome. No country has been as liberal as India… Any nude woman could have been painted by him but calling the women Sita, Lakshmi (and) Saraswati shows his perversion and hatred.

“Will MF Husain show the same creativity and the same spirit with Islamic heroes and would he, then, be able retain his Qatari citizenship?

Double standards, bias and hatred do not go well with men of excellence.”


2 thoughts on “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar flays Husain for nude paintings

  1. Hinduism spread all over India because of the sculpture, paintings and any other architecture. MF Hussain is a proven artist. He doesn’t need to draw the media over him to become famous. Media runs behind him already. If someone other than MF Hussain has drawn these paintings, then anyone belongs to the concerned religion can raise their voice against him. I belong to south Tamil Nadu. I have seen many temples. Almost all the temple in my place has lot of nude sculptures and paintings, what do you want to say about that? India is the land of Kamasutra, but that is a different story. But here, the only concern for the radical people is, MF Hussain belongs to Islam. I will agree at a time if a Hindu painter opposses MF Hussain. Ultimately, it is perception of the audience. what you see is what you get.

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