Terror Alert For Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore: Govt

Government alerted Kolkata, Mumbai and Bangalore governments on Monday about possible terror attacks post confession of Salman Ahmed, an Indian Mujahideen suspect.

This terror alert came after the arrest of an Indian Mujahideen terrorist, Salman Ahmed who is a suspect for terror attacks in Ahmedabad, Varanasi and Gorakhpur. Salman confessed that Indian Mujahideen is running a project called ‘Karachi Project’ under which it has Karachi, Kathmandu, Dubai bases.

He also confessed that ISI, Pakistan has inflicted this project to train provoked Indians against Indian targets. Indian security forces also arrested couple of IM terrorists from Uttar Pradesh who came from Bangladesh.

Salman was on the wanted list for a long time for involvement in serial bombings.  He confessed that Karachi Project was planning serial bombings in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. He also said that foreigners were on the target list.

A home ministry official said, “We are not taking any chances on whatever information we have received. So, we have alerted the concerned state governments to take all necessary security measures immediately.”

Salman also received the training by ISI in Karachi and confessed about the details. Another IM activist of the Karachi Project, Khawaja Amjad who is from Hyderabad provided similar information to police  telling that ISI- Lashkar were pressurizing Karachi IM chiefs to conduct terror attacks in India.


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