India likely to be diabetic capital of world: expert

Hyderabad:  Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT) President Professor A Gopala Krishna today claimed that going by the present indications, India is likely to be the diabetic capital of the world.

Addressing a press conference in connection with the World Kidney Day being celebrated on March 11, he said over the past 25 years, the prevalence of type-two diabetes in the United States had almost doubled while there had been a three-to-five fold increase in India, Indonesia, China, Korea and Thailand.

He said in 2007, there were 246 million people with diabetes in the world, but by 2015, the number was estimated to reach 380 million.

People with impaired glucose tolerance, a ‘pre-diabetic state’, were 308 million in 2007. This would increase to 418 million by 2025. The increase in prevalence of diabetes would be greater in developing countries, he opined.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), China and India would have about 130 million diabetic patients by 2025 and they would consume about 40 per cent of their countries’ healthcare budget in addition to reducing productivity and hindering economic growth.

The United Nations General Assembly had unanimously passed a resolution on December 21, 2006, declaring diabetes as an ‘international public health issue’ and identifying World Diabetes Day as a United Nations Day.

Mr Krishna also said diabetes and hypertension leads to kidney failure and it was difficult for the people to spend huge sums of money on kidney transplantation. The easy way to reduce the risk of developing kidney diseases was to keep regular control of blood sugar level and blood pressure, eating healthy food and keeping weight in check.

ISOT and Indian Medical Association of Hyderabad Chapter were celebrating the ‘World Kidney Day’ to create awareness about kidney and diabetes on March 11 and free kidney checks and blood pressure checks would be conducted at various places in the city.


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