Raj Thackeray Lessons Airtel For Not Highlighting Marathi

Few days back the Supreme Court objurgated MNS leader Raj Thackeray for his hatred remarks and to this, there seems to be no impact upon MNS chief Raj Thackeray whose party men under his instruction went again on a rampage against the renowned telecom service provider  Airtel for not observing Marathi language.

Non-observance of Marathi language by Airtel telecom in customer interactive voice system, agitated Raj Thackeray stated in MNS’ fourth anniversary that if other cellular companies are offering Marathi as the first option then why not Airtel.
Reacting to this spill of anger of Thackeray his supporters in Mumbai and Thane went on the rampage, targeting two stores of Airtel for not having Marathi in the pre-recorded messages of their customer interactive voice system.

According to sources report the miscreants entered the Airtel store and smashed all its glasses and distorted the peaceful environment while in another incident Thakery’s party men followed same attack in Thane’s Naupada telecom showroom also. In observance to this violation, the Police has registered cases against unknown miscreants.

The Bandra store manager revealed that he had received initial threats on an MNS letterhead and one of the stones that smashed the glass facade was wrapped in an MNS flag.

In regard to this outrageous act by MNS men the Airtel telecom on Tuesday accepted their demand to have Marathi as the first language option in its customer interactive voice system for its Mumbai customers.

In a written communication from Bharti Airtel it stated that the telecom company  has incorporated the necessary changes and it further added, “We are in receipt of a communication from your office to have Marathi as the first language option in our customer interactive voice system…We wish to inform you that we have incorporated the necessary changes.

Initially the telecom company cited that due to a technical problem they are unable to proceed with Marathi language but after indirect physical MNS chief’s intervention they were immediately able to resume his instruction.

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