Tension escalated at OU

HYDERABAD: Tension escalated at the Osmania University and surrounding areas on Tuesday, after an engineering student hanged himself in his hostel room demanding the formation of a separate Telangana State.

Police said Saikumar Meegada, a second year student of Chemical Engineering and a boarder of the Technology hostel was found hanging by his room mate Amarendar. Saikumar was rushed to Gandhi Hospital, but was declared dead.

As news of the suicide spread, hundreds of students rushed to Gandhi Hospital and were arguing with the police insisting that they would take his body to the Osmania Campus.

Anticipating outbreak of violence, additional forces were being rushed to Osmania University campus and Gandhi Hospital.

Saikumar, who hails from Kapugal village in the neighbouring Nalgonda district is the son of a farmer and earns his pocket money by giving home tuitions. On Tuesday, he told his roommate that he would go home for Ugadi.

Amarendar, the room mate who returned to the hostel in the morning, found that the room was locked from inside and broke it open to find him hanging. Other hostellers who lowered him found him breathing and rushed him to Hospital.

In a suicide note purportedly written by him, Saikumar maintained that he was sacrificing his life for the cause of four crore people of Telangana. He maintained that the youth should take lead for the cause of Telangana rather than leaving it in the hands of politicians.

Situation on the University campus had returned to near normal for the last one week, with the students taking the examinations.


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